Matcha Whisk

Matcha Whisk

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Origin: China

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This bamboo matcha whisk (120 Prong) is perfect for preparing matcha green tea by theancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony. The Japanese tea ceremony isa ritual rooted in Zen Buddhism in which matcha is prepared and servedto guests in a calm and tranquil environment. In Japan, the hostperforms the tea ceremony wearing a kimono on a tatami, or woven strawmat. A formal tea ceremony can take up to 5 hours may include servingsweets and other food in addition to matcha. The following areinstructions on performing your own Japanese tea ceremony:

  • Step 1: Pour warm water into a matcha bowl.
  • Step 2: Empty the bowl of the warm water and add in 2 scoops of matcha powder.
  • Step 3: Add warm water into the matcha bowl.
  • Step 4: Using this matcha whisk, briskly whisk the matcha powder and the water together until the tea becomes lightly frothy.
  • Step 5: Remove the whisk and hold the matcha bowl with both hands. Turn the bowl counter-clock wise twice and serve to guest.