Chinese Green Tea

Vietnam Silver Snake
Robust and invigorating Vietnamese green tea
Cui Ming Green
Fragrant spring harvested green tea from Yunnan province.
Shenya Green Silver Needle
Luxurious and rare green tea silver needle made with early harvest buds
Vietnam Jasmine Queen
Robust jasmine scented green tea traditionally produced in Vietnam
Long Jing Dragon Well
Silky, delicate Dragon Well is one of the top ten Chinese teas
Liu An Gua Pian Superfine
Clean orchid aroma, pleasantly floral tasting green tea
Tai Ping Hou Kui Supreme
Famous Tai Ping Hou Kui has distinctive large flat bright green leaves
Fujian Mao Feng Supreme
High quality Mao Feng Chinese green tea that is buttery with chestnut notes
First Flush Mao Feng Yunnan
Large leaf varietal Mao Feng from Yunnan province that is smooth, vegetal and buttery
Bai Mao Hou White Monkey
Hand crafted Chinese green tea that is sweet and vegetal
Gunpowder Temple of Heaven
Gunpowder Temple of Heaven is organically grown strong green tea that is smoky
Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo Green
Chinese green tea from Sichuan province known for its sweet, vegetal flavor
Jade Snail Spring
Floral, smoky and sweet Jade Snail Spring Chinese tea
Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Fragrant Imperial Jasmine green tea pearls
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Traditional Jasmine scented luxury grade green tea rolled into small "pearls".
Jasmine Phoenix Eye
Luxurious hand rolled Jasmine Phoenix Eye
Jasmine Yin hao
Balanced cup of organic Chinese Jasmine Yin Hao