Jasmine Tea

Vietnam Jasmine Queen
Robust jasmine scented green tea traditionally produced in Vietnam
Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Fragrant Imperial Jasmine green tea pearls
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Traditional Jasmine scented luxury grade green tea rolled into small "pearls".
Jasmine Yin hao
Balanced cup of organic Chinese Jasmine Yin Hao
Lichee Jasmine Green
Fragrant lichee fruit and pure jasmine green tea blend
Jasmine Yin Zhen Silver Needle
Fine white silver needle that is delicately scented with fragrant jasmine
Jasmine Bai Mu Dan White Peony
White Peony Chinese tea that has been delicately scented with fragrant jasmine
Jasmine Passionfruit
Exotic passionfruit black tea with whole jasmine flowers
Jasmine Black
Black tea leaves with the bright, strong aroma of jasmine- distinctly representative of China...