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Retro Tiki Cocktail
A Polynesian inspired fruit tea blend of orange, pineapple, mango and papaya
Pink Pineapple
Exotic and fresh pineapple and apple fruit tisane
Sweet Ginger Rose
Sweet and spiced herbal blend featuring jammy rose and mild warming ginger
Gentle Georgia Peach
Delicate tasting peach tisane with a Southern twist
Peppermint Absolute
Bold tasting pure peppermint tea that is wild grown
Strawberry Hibiscus Sangria
Bold tasting herbal blend highlighting sweet-tart strawberry
Rose Jam
Fragrant and heady herbal blend highlighting jammy red rose.
Orange Whisper
A charming mild herbal blend featuring natural orange sweetness
Lotus Leaf Tranquility
Soothing and calming natural lotus leaf and liquorice tisane
Honeybush Vanilla
Rustic shredded pure Honeybush with notes of warm vanilla and honey
Rooibos Pure
Rooibos brews a reed red infusion and has a natural sweetness with subtle vanilla...
Green Rooibos
Slight minty flavor with a grassy note, quite different from traditional rooibos
Roman Province
Rooibos with calming lavender, blackcurrants, antioxidant rich blueberries
Red Sweet Cherry Brew
A perfect flavor balance of sweet cherry with slight floral undertone
Un Momento Tiramisu
The flavors of a rich classic Italian tiramisu in a dessert tea
Moroccan Orange Cinnamon
A luxurious blend of cinnamon, orange and crystallized ginger rooibos
Blood Citrus Smoothie
Bold rooibos flavor with punchy tart orange that is well balanced over heady vanilla and cream
Lemon Lime Sage
Refreshing lemon and lime rooibos with a hint of sage
Rooibos Orange Mousse
Bold orange sweetness, with rich creamy vanilla layers over rooibos
Liquid Gold
Spicy hot rooibos based blend featuring the superfood turmeric
Cherry Rooibos Moringa
Mild cherry flavored rooibos with the addition of pure moringa leaves
Sweet Raspberry Infusion
Pure ripe red raspberry goodness with subtle rooibos flavor
Amandine Rooibos
A delightful rooibos blend with natural almond and apple bits
Caramel Latte Rooibos
An oh so satisfying caramel latte inspired rooibos blend.
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2 - 7