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Cinnamon Sweet Apricot Chai
Succulent chai inspired blend of sweet apricot green tea and oriental cinnamon
Peppermint Green
Refreshing green tea and pure peppermint
Tart Cherry Turmeric
Ayurvedic inspired anti-inflammatory tart cherry green tea blend
White Cloud Catcher
Luxury white tea blended with kiwi and sour cherry
Senna Quick Cleanse
A mild fruity blend featuring senna for colon cleansing benefit
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Perfect balance of sweet, creaminess, warm spice and pumpkin richness
Strawberry Orange Sunrise
A zingy blend of orange, strawberry, hibiscus and lemongrass
Peppermint Absolute
Bold tasting pure peppermint tea that is wild grown
Sweet n’ Sour Cherry
Full flavored cherry tisane with a touch of cardamom
Strawberry Hibiscus Sangria
Bold tasting herbal blend highlighting sweet-tart strawberry
Raspberry Lemonade
A summery sweet lemonade treat featuring tart raspberry
Vita+ Tea
Delicious fruity herbal blend with multivitamins for your best health
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