Herbal Wellness Tea

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Healthy Edge
Ultimate health and wellness blend - sweet and spicy herbs, pu'erh based health tonic.
Egyptian Chamomile
Pure whole chamomile flowers
Wonder Ayurvedic Chai
Rich full flavored sweet and fragrant sweet chai blend
White Cloud Detox
Minty fresh and effective detox herbal blend
Hibiscus Whole Leaf
Ruby red pure Hibiscus flower is a tart, healthy herbal tea
Grandma's Garden
Dark lush blackberries, red raspberries and dried strawberries over a hibiscus base
Nirvana Calm Down
Delicious and calming herbal blend to promote quality relaxation
Ginger Treasure
Spicy ginger and sweet citrus herbal blend
Sweet lemon, ginseng and mint herbal wellness blend
Lavender Lemon Potion
Lavender, lemon peel, sweet apple, and mini white chocolate chips
Berry Picking Delight
A sweet-tart blend of hibiscus, berries, with fresh flavor and a citrus mango aroma
Cherry Goddess
Deep red blend of pure cherries, raspberries, and hibiscus
Tranquil Dream
Intoxication blend of chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, and herbs to encourage a blissful sleep
Holistic Health
Gingery, warm and light all over health tonic.
Pacific Coast Mint
Luxurious and refreshing pure peppermint and spearmint blend
911 Detox
A powerful, safe, and all natural detox blend
Thriving Throat
Herbal minty fresh relief for your irritated throat
Rose Garden Petals
This is pure rose tea at its absolute finest
Pineapple Cherry Bloom
Cheery floral blend bursting with fresh pineapple and ripe cherry flavor
Rest and Digest
Restful herbal blend of peppermint, chamomile, anise and fennel for optimum digestive health
Pure peppermint tea; refreshing, healing, rejuvenating
Detoxify Me
Warm and bright, lemon and gingery detox herbal blend
Blood Cleanser
Sweet and effective herbal blood cleansing wellness tea
Deep Breath
Herbal wellness blend for optimum lung health
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