Herbal Wellness Tea

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Deep Breath
Herbal wellness blend for optimum lung health
Rest and Digest
Restful herbal blend of peppermint, chamomile, anise and fennel for optimum digestive health
Caribbean Punch
A totally tropical hibiscus and pineapple herbal tea
Flat Belly Detox
Herbal blend created to flatten your belly while removing toxins
ImmuniTEA Chai
Immune boosting herbal chai spice blend
Blood Cleanser
Sweet and effective herbal blood cleansing wellness tea
Lavender Flowers
100% pure organic Lavender tea grown in France
Pure Rosehips
A mild and sweet tisane packed full of vitamin C
Tip-Top Throat
Soothing blend of premium herbs to coat your irritated throat
Jardin à la Française
French garden inspired herbal blend with lavender, rose and marigold.
Peach Mint Julep
Full flavored herbal blend inspired by a Southern Peach Mint Julep
Women - Uma
A celebration of womanhood in an herbal blend of healing, and helpful herbs
Tranquil Nights
Soothing peppermint, kiwi fruit, cherries and rooibos to honey like pure organic chamomile
Echinacea ImmuneTEA
Mild and refreshing blend of echinacea, elderberry, spearmint, and peppermint
Hibiscus and Rosehips
Pure and simple tart hibiscus and sweet rosehips
Tropical Relax
Tropical twist on relaxing chamomile herbal tea, featuring juicy pineapple
Lotus Leaf Tranquility
Soothing and calming natural lotus leaf and liquorice tisane
Sugar Detox
Satisfyingly delicious herbal blend to get you through your Sugar Detox
Strawberry Orange Sunrise
A zingy blend of orange, strawberry, hibiscus and lemongrass
Tulsi Holy Basil
Pure fresh Tulsi from India
Ginger Ginseng Chamomile
Intoxicating wellness blend of pure chamomile, ginger and ginseng
Moroccan Spearmint
Pure refreshing high quality spearmint leaf
Healing Anise
Breathe a little easier with our blend of aniseed, chamomile blossoms, and sage blossoms
Tibetan Herbal Balance Chai
A complex spice blend that highlights green cardamom and ends with floral rose.
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