Herbal Wellness Tea

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Nettle Leaf Tea
Pure stinging nettle leaf
Healing Anise
Breathe a little easier with our blend of aniseed, chamomile blossoms, and sage blossoms
Lovely Night
Lovely vanilla-mint blend of pure herbs and flowers for a restful sleep
Spiced Wassail
Rich spiced cinnamon, cardamom, clove blended with sweet apple and orange
Euphoric Dark Chocolate
A fine celebration of the bittersweet taste of pure cacao with a touch of spice
Pineapple Chamomile Crush
A tropical inspired combination of pineapple and chamomile
Pink Berry Moringa
Herbaceous moringa tea with fresh harvested summertime strawberries
Dandelion Root
Simply pure Dandelion Root
Lemon Green Detox
A super charged detoxifying lemony green tea
Pure Moringa Leaf
An herbaceous “superfood” herbal tea that is health boosting
Cinnamon Sweet Lemon
Herbal chai inspired blend with sweet cinnamon, lemon and pineapple
Heal Thyself Moringa
Gentle tasting healing blend featuring moringa leaf and seabuckthorn
Rest easy with our herbal blend of chamomile, valerian, passion flower and spearmint
Relaxation Wellness
An organic fennel based blend to encourage healthy relaxation
Women's Activity
A tea inspired by and for the modern woman: strong, accomplished, health conscious, powerful...
Pure Lemon Verbena
Relaxing and refreshing Pure Lemon Verbena
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Perfect balance of sweet, creaminess, warm spice and pumpkin richness
Chamomile Spearmint
Pure chamomile flowers with bright green spearmint
Wild Mountain Herbs
An pure blend of the finest mountain fresh herbs
Yuzu Berry
Ruby red mélange of tart raspberry and sweet citrussy yuzu
Sweet Blueberry
Sweet and fragrant blueberry herbal blend
Digestive Curcuma
Soothing blend featuring fennel, turmeric, cumin, florals and peppermint
Citrus Sage
Soothing blend of healing sage and light citrus
Orange Chamomile Comfort
Citrus, and chamomile herbal blend with a distinct gingery kick.
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