Herbal Wellness Tea

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Blackberry Fields Forever
A mild herbal celebration of hidden blackberry bushes
Relaxation Wellness
An organic fennel based blend to encourage healthy relaxation
Cinnamon Sweet Lemon
Herbal chai inspired blend with sweet cinnamon, lemon and pineapple
Mystic Mint Potion
Aromatic and invigorating mint, cardamom, basil and clove blend
Sage Apple Blossom
Soothing herbal blend of sage, rosemary, apple, aniseed and delicate blossoms.
Kuding Tea
Bitter Kuding tea is known for its numerous health benefits
Sweet Mulberry
Sweet herbal blend of mulberry and apple.
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Perfect balance of sweet, creaminess, warm spice and pumpkin richness
Spiced Wassail
Rich spiced cinnamon, cardamom, clove blended with sweet apple and orange
Labrador tea C/S
Traditional herbal tea with flavors of camphor, cedar, and citrus
Euphoric Dark Chocolate
A fine celebration of the bittersweet taste of pure cacao with a touch of spice
Scandinavian Wild Berry
Fresh berry harvest tisane with notes of currant, chokeberry and lingonberry
Chamomile Spearmint
Pure chamomile flowers with bright green spearmint
Sweet Ginger Rose
Sweet and spiced herbal blend featuring jammy rose and mild warming ginger
Rose Jam
Fragrant and heady herbal blend highlighting jammy red rose.
Pure Lemon Verbena
Relaxing and refreshing Pure Lemon Verbena
Wildflowers and Honey
A honeyed chamomile, rose, fennel and spice blend to soothe and relax  
Luscious Lemon
Elegant and sweet lemon tisane with a hint of rosemary
Keep Regular
All-natural herbal remedy blended to help keep you regular
Amra Ayurvedic
Ayurvedic inspired fennel and chicory root tea flavored with real mango
Roasted Chicory - Café Du Nord
A NOLA inspired deep-roasted root herbal blend of caffeine-free “coffee”.
Moringa Madness
Exotic moringa blend featuring shredded coconut, mango pieces and basil
Peppermint Absolute
Bold tasting pure peppermint tea that is wild grown
Tusli Cardamom Harmony
Fresh and fragrant tulsi chai spice blend with abundant cardamom
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