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Izu Premium Matcha

Izu Premium Matcha

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Origin: Japan
1lb (450g)


Izu Matcha green tea is grown on the Izu peninsula near Tokyo, from traditional Gyokuro leaves that are shaded towards the end of the growing period to produce a popular Matcha which is internationally renowned.

The signature sweet Matcha aroma is balanced out by a lightly astringent base note, for a complex tasting experience and distinctive flavor that cannot be imitated. A high quality traditional Matcha with a pale peridot color and fine, light consistency, this Izu Matcha is naturally organic and has a satisfying taste which is both mild and full of hidden depths.

Simply served lightly whisked for a smooth yet almost jammy consistency, the inimitable tastes of both sweetness and astringency really come into their own. While tea purists will often state that Matcha should always be consumed on its own, Izu Matcha also lends itself well to blending with either rice milk or coconut milk for an entirely new taste experience. Don't be afraid to experiment with your tea to find the perfect taste for you!


Japanese Matcha powder
Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately.