Green Leaf Glass Teapot Infuser, 850ml

Green Leaf Glass Teapot Infuser, 850ml

Origin: China
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Our lovely Green Leaf Glass Teapot is absolutely adorable, it is as functional and cheerful as a glass teapot can get! Though it is sweet and dainty looking- it's much more durable than it looks. The lovely leaf accent and green handle add charm and character to this medium sized beauty. The glass infuser is effortless to load and clean and fits snuggly in the glass teapot. The transparent glass infuser allows you to watch the leaves dance and unfurl as they infuse. Our Green Leaf Teapot is a perfect option for any of your favorite teas, simply remove the glass infuser to prepare and enjoy blooming teas!

Design features:

- Heat resistant borosilicate glass
- Removable glass infuser
- Adorable green accents
- Capacity: 29oz / 850ml