Juno Glass Teapot 40oz

Juno Glass Teapot 40oz

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Origin: China

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Tealyra JUNO teapot infuser is a beautiful decoration for the kitchen and the most functional brewer, created for tea lovers. With our loose leaf teapot, tea drinking will turn into a real holiday.

We use durable, high-quality, fire-resistant borosilicate glass for Tealyra JUNO teapot with strainer and stainless steel (for lids and mesh). The lid and removable stainless steel strainer are durable and do not require special care. The lid fits tightly against the kettle, so you can be sure that tea will not spill during pouring.

Conveniently holding the handle, you easily raise even a full glass infuser teapot (volume - 40.0oz / 1200ml). Our glass teapot is designed for 4-5 cups of the best tea. If you need to brew tea only for one person, use a detachable strainer. With it you can brew tea right in the cup quickly and very conveniently.

Looking for a gift for family or friends? Regardless for what occasion a gift is needed, Tealyra JUNO infuser teapot will be the best option. With a comfortable and high-quality glass teapot, you will give your relatives the opportunity to brew the most delicious hot or cold tea easily and quickly.

Order the best modern teapot for yourself or as a gift to friends, colleagues or relatives.


Volume :
1100ml / 37 fl.oz