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White Porcelain Teapot 1.0L

White Porcelain Teapot 1.0L

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Origin: China

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Elegant English inspired teapot made of fine glossy porcelain

NEW ENGLISH STYLE TEAPOT has a refined appearance and is unmatched in beauty. Our NEW TEAPOT is designed of high-fired fine porcelain and is inspired by the English style of teapot. THIS TEAPOT was created to be as functional as it is lovely to look at and comes in an elegant bright white color, for a crisp and clean look. Steep the best tea every single time with our NEW ENGLISH STYLE TEAPOT; as you are effortlessly in control of your finished infusion. 

NEW ENGLISH STYLE TEAPOT comes complete with a convenient lip in the lid for a proper fit, and ease of use. The simple built-in filter allows you to brew even just one cup if desired, it is also simple to load and clean after steeping. This style of filter is ideal for large leaf loose teas as it allows significant room for the leaves to unfurl and the flavor to properly develop; it is also perfect for steeping any of your favorite bagged teas.

You will be enchanted by our lovely NEW ENGLISH STYLE TEAPOT; truly an elegant option for home, the office, and for commercial use!


Volume :
1100ml / 37 fl.oz