Green Tea Detox

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1lb (450g)


Our superfood health tonic Green Tea Detox is an herbal blend with sencha green tea packed full of super healing ingredients.

To a base of rooibos, we added fennel, ginseng, juniper berries, turmeric, and spirulina! These health-giving ingredients are anti-inflammatory, soothing for digestion, are ultra-hydrating, clean the liver, and bring overall healing to your body from the inside out!

Spirulina is a nutrient-dense algae, and we’ve added it in powdered form for its toxin ridding health benefit, along with increasing energy levels it is a source of antioxidants.

Green Tea Detox steeps up a warm brown color and has a rooibos-rich flavor with an herbal vegetal taste and fresh green tea finish. Level up your health with our delicious Green Tea Detox blend!


Caffeine Level (mg/100g):
Chinese sencha, rooibos, lemongrass, ginger, juniper berries, lemon balm, nettle, spirulina powder, yellow ginseng, dandelion root, fennel, beetroot, hibiscus, turmeric
Main Ingredients:
  • Beetroot
  • Fennel
  • Ginger
  • Hibiscus
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lemongrass
  • Nettle
  • Turmeric
Product Labels:
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Organic Food
  • Sugar Free
Use 1-2 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 4-6 minutes.