Rabbit Veggie Tea

Rabbit Veggie Tea

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Origin: Germany
1lb (450g)


Our Rabbit Veggie Tea is an organic garden party inspired carrot-ginger blend! Veggie teas are similar to an alkalizing vegetable broth- delicious, healthy, mild and savory! Our Rabbit Veggie Tea is a blend of carrot and apple, with a hint of curry flavor from the ginger, coriander and turmeric!

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Traditional Ayurvedic medicine; as a natural anti-inflammatory and natural pain killer, in India it is usually consumed regularly in curries and other spiced dishes. Rabbit tea is an effortless and wonderful way to add some more turmeric to your day!

We recommend a long steeping time to maximize the vitamins and the flavors! The hot broth-like tea will sooth your senses and ease your tummy in a surprisingly delicious infusion! Try our delightful Rabbit Veggie Tea and see for yourself!


Apple bits, carrot bits, ginger bits, turmeric bits, coriander, coconut chips, natural flavoring
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-2 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 4-6 minutes.