Teapots & Kettle

Lyra Glass Teapot 37 oz
An ideal teapot to steep your loose leaf tea as well as blooming tea.
Galaxy Glass Teapot 37oz
Elegant and large teapot perfect for any teas, herbal infusions and blooming tea alike
Vega Glass Teapot, 800ml
Graceful and elegant teapot for daily use
Glass Teapot & Kettle 1.8L
Modern minimalist large-capacity tea pitcher that is stove top safe
Drago Ceramic Teapot Infuser 37oz
Drago is the answer for all your teapot needs! It is as practical as it is cheerful.
Daze Ceramic Teapot Infuser 24oz
Daze teapot is created with the tea lover in mind, and it is as lovely as it is practical
Green Leaf Glass Teapot Infuser, 850ml
Absolutely adorable glass teapot with lovely green glass features