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La Lune Glass Cup & Saucer

La Lune Glass Cup & Saucer

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Our lightweight, yet durable La Lune Glass Cup and Saucer are absolutely elegant. La Lune cup is conveniently paired with an added saucer, perfect for afternoon tea and a biscuit! The transparent glass allows you to truly appreciate the color and clarity of the tea liquor. Additionally, the clear glass pairs well visually with other tea accessories, such as gaiwans, yixing teapots or other teapots of various colors and styles.

Our La Lune Glass Cup and Saucer come either individually, or in a convenient set of 2. It is a perfect addition to any tea or coffee lovers’ collection, and we are sure you will be as mesmerized by La Lune as we are! 
Design features:
- Cup and saucer included
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Capacity: 10oz / 300ml
- Lightweight, yet very durable