Sweet Ginger Rose

Sweet Ginger Rose

Origin: Canada
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Sweet Ginger Rose is an enticing aromatic herbal blend featuring candied papaya, ginger and rose! Roses aren’t the most romantic flower for nothing; for they are said to comfort the heart and your emotions.

Once steeped, Sweet Ginger Rose releases a deep scarlet red liquor with a balanced natural rose taste, lots of sweetness from the grape and papaya bits, and a balanced spice finish with mild ginger and a hint of mint.

Regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant, rose is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress; such as nervous tension, peptic ulcers, and heart disease, among others. Hibiscus tea has shown in studies to aid in lowering the body’s absorption of starch, glucose and carbohydrates which may help with weight loss. This packs a healthy punch when combined with the widely known benefits of ginger- which boosts the immune, treats colds, chest infections, digestive disorders, nausea and joint pain.

Enjoy Sweet Ginger Rose hot or iced for a pleasantly sweet and soothing tea taste.


Hibiscus, apple bits, papaya bits, grape, ginger, rose, mint
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 4-6 minutes.