Sweet Mulberry

Sweet Mulberry

Origin: Germany
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Sweet Mulberry is an herbal blend celebrating the delicious flavor of fresh harvested mulberries! Black, red, and white mulberry are widespread in Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa and the Indian subcontinent. The fruit of the mulberry tree are similar in shape and appearance to blackberries. The ripe fruit is edible and is widely used in pies, tarts and in wine making!

Our Sweet Mulberry blend has a heady papaya, vanilla and floral aroma; once steeped, the liquid turns a heavenly golden hue. At first sip you will enjoy a pleasant mélange of mulberry, apple, and tropical fruit, which fades to a rich taste of mulberry and tart apple.

Sweet Mulberry is excellent whether you enjoy it hot, or over ice!


Apple bits, papaya bits (papaya, sugar), mulberries, acidified apple bits, mango bits (mango, sugar, citric acid), orange blossom, marigold blossom, bamboo leaves, jasmine blossom, cornflower blossom, flavoring
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 4-5 minutes.