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Everyday Uji Matcha

Everyday Uji Matcha

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Origin: Japan
1lb (450g)


Our organic Everyday Matcha is a perfect choice for the tea lover on a budget. Sharing all of the nutritional value and health benefits of our higher grade Matcha powders, this restaurant quality Matcha is a little later in the year than our premium Izu Spring and Ceremonial tea offerings.

As with all second and third harvest teas, Everyday Matcha is rather less sweet than some more expensive alternatives, with a more basic aroma palette. This organic Everyday Matcha still retains the signature green tea flavour and high quality which you expect from Tealyra, and is perfect for your everyday drinking enjoyment.

Rich in antioxidants and of course, certified organic, Everyday Matcha is a perfect choice for the tea lover who is looking for a simple green tea to drink everyday without busting the bank.


Japanese Matcha powder
Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately.