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Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1

Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1

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Our highest grade of Matcha, Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1 is naturally organic, and comprises of only the sweetest, youngest and most tender tea leaves which are picked from the top of the bush during the first harvest.

Imperial Ceremonial Matcha has been grown in Nishio (a city within the Aichi prefecture) for centuries, and is renowned all over the world as a tea for the true connoisseur. A favourite among Japan's tea ceremony instructors due to its intense aroma and rich yet delicate taste, Imperial Matcha Ceremonial Grade 1 really is a tea fit for an Emperor.

A complex and aromatic tea with the highest grade of antioxidant, mineral and nutrient qualities available within the Spring and Regular Matcha tea ranges, Imperial Ceremony Matcha truly is in a class of its own with no rivals.

An incredibly distinctive tea with the perfect blend of sweet notes and depth, Imperial Ceremony Matcha  is equally well suited to either thick Koicha tea or thin Usucha tea.

Matcha Story:
In Japan, Matcha is considered an integral part of the very essence and soul of the country itself. The tea makes its first appearance in Japanese tea manuals sometime during the 12th century, making it one of the country's most ancient varieties of tea. Matcha is also Japan's most important tea since it is the tea used in the famous tea ceremony, or Chanoyu. This ceremony is an elegantly rigid affair that developed over the centuries as a transformative and meditative practice. It was originally conceived by the ancient Samurai, the noble class of warriors famous for their elaborate costume and highly regimented lifestyle.
Matcha, is perhaps the most refined tea available on the market today.  From the unique way it is produced to the important place it holds in the cultural life of Japan, few other teas can compare. The first thing you will notice upon opening the packet is that Matcha is finely powdered and looks like an emerald colored flour.  This characteristic truly sets it apart from other teas.  When brewed, the powdered leaf is not strained or left in the pot, but is whisked into a frothy concoction and consumed.  Because the leaves themselves are imbibed, brewed Matcha contains higher concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants than most other teas, green, herbal, or otherwise.  In fact, brewed Matcha contains nearly 10 times the polyphenols and antioxidants of regular teas, 2 times the antioxidants of a glass of red wine, approximately 9 times the beta-carotene of spinach, and 4 times that of carrots.
What are the difference between Ceremony Organic Matcha and Regular Organic Matcha?

First of all, there are many different matcha grades in Japan and they are defined by various harvesting period, age of tea leaves, soil, stone grinding speed, processing, drying, color, taste etc etc. The difference also includes the sweetness level, aromas, antioxidant level, and mineral content.

Ceremony Organic Matcha is made from the top soft, iridescent green, young tea leaves of the spring season of april-may. It possess a high level of nutrient, preventive, and healing benefits for nourishing, detoxifying and balancing body, mind and spirit.

Ceremony Organic Matcha is very intoxicating sweet and emits a very powerful exotic aromas which is why it is often serve in high-end cafe, restaruants and tea shops in Kyoto, Japan.

In contrast, Regular Organic Matcha is a normal grade matcha for brewing at home or served at low-end restaurants, and sushi shops. It is less sweet with translucent pale green-yellow color.
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