Tea Type: Green Tea

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Cinnamon Sweet Apricot Chai
Succulent chai inspired blend of sweet apricot green tea and oriental cinnamon
Lemon Green Detox
A super charged detoxifying lemony green tea
Vietnam Jasmine Queen
Robust jasmine scented green tea traditionally produced in Vietnam
Supreme West Lake Long Jing Dragon Well
Fragrant, high quality dragon well green tea crafted by hand
Passionfruit Jasmine
Aromatic and fruity blend of black and green teas
Calming De-Stress
Fresh tangerine, lemongrass and sage tea with relaxing properties
Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo
Chinese green tea from Sichuan province known for its sweet, vegetal flavor
Taiwanese Dragon Well Lung Jing
A fresh Taiwanese crafted famous Chinese tea
Liu An Gua Pian
Famous Chinese green tea that is aromatic and full flavored
Taiwanese Gaba Green
Rich and sweet green tea with notes of roasted sweet potato
Jasmine Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun
Fragrant and luxurious bold tasting jasmine tea
Jade Green
Flowery, fresh and sweet luxury Chinese green tea  
1 2 3 4
2 - 5