Keemun Mao Feng Premium

Keemun Mao Feng Premium

Origin: China
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1lb (450g)
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Keemun black tea is one of the most consumed black teas in the world! It is often used in tea blends to create famous teas, such as English Breakfast! Our Keemun Mao Feng Premium is a top quality leaf tea from Qimun County, Anhui Province in China.

Our Keemun Mao Feng Premium is composed of tightly rolled whole leaves that are fully oxidized to produce its distinctive and deep flavor. When steeped, Keemun Mao Feng Premium produces a rich amber coloured infusion. Keemun Mao Feng Premium offers a brisk, full bodied, rich toasty tea flavor, with the fruity floral aroma of spring orchards. We are sure you will love the long lasting sweetness, rich and delicious aftertaste with a slightly smoky finish!


Loose Leaf Black Tea
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 2-3 minutes.