Herbal Wellness Tea

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Ginger Mint Lemonade
Sweet lemonade inspired herbal blend with spicy ginger and cooling mint
Strawberry Lemon Drop
Ultra-refreshing lemon tea with heaps of real sliced strawberries
Pink Berry Moringa
Herbaceous moringa tea with fresh harvested summertime strawberries
Satsuma Mint
Refreshing satsuma citrus inspired herbal tea with a burst of mint
Chamomile Spearmint
Pure chamomile flowers with bright green spearmint
Flat Belly Detox
Herbal blend created to flatten your belly while removing toxins
Evening Joy
A restful blend of chamomile, spearmint and lemonbalm
Sweet Mulberry
Sweet herbal blend of mulberry and apple.
Moringa Madness
Exotic moringa blend featuring shredded coconut, mango pieces and basil
Cinnamon Sweet Lemon
Herbal chai inspired blend with sweet cinnamon, lemon and pineapple
Peach Mint Julep
Full flavored herbal blend inspired by a Southern Peach Mint Julep
Peachy Lemongrass
Delicious blend of juicy sweet peach and cooling lemongrass
Strawberry Orange Sunrise
A zingy blend of orange, strawberry, hibiscus and lemongrass
Labrador tea C/S
Traditional herbal tea with flavors of camphor, cedar, and citrus
Peach n' Cream
A lovely peach and floral herbal blend inspired by spring peach blossoms
Wild Mountain Herbs
An pure blend of the finest mountain fresh herbs
Lavender Peach Relief
Relax and unwind with our peachy herbal lavender calming blend
Sugar Detox
Satisfyingly delicious herbal blend to get you through your Sugar Detox
Nettle Leaf Tea
Pure stinging nettle leaf
Holistic Health
Gingery, warm and light all over health tonic.
Eastern Wellness
Healing sea buckthorn and drumstick blend with notes of lemongrass and mango
Ginger Tonic
An Ayurvedic inspired soothing anti-inflammatory blend
Wildflowers and Honey
A honeyed chamomile, rose, fennel and spice blend to soothe and relax  
Pure Rosehips
A mild and sweet tisane packed full of vitamin C
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2 - 5