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Culinary Matcha Grade 6

Culinary Matcha Grade 6

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Origin: Japan
1lb (450g)


Grade 6 Matcha is a lower grade Matcha which is not intended for drinking, but instead makes the perfect ingredient for all kinds of recipes and Japanese dishes.

Popular with chefs in sushi restaurants, cafes and many other establishments, organic grade 6 Culinary Matcha is the perfect flavoring ingredient for Matcha cakes!

Especially produced for cooking and use as a component ingredient, Grade 6 Culinary Matcha is actually a much better Matcha to use for cooking than higher grade offerings. The higher the grade of Matcha, the more mild and delicate the flavor palette becomes, which means that when high grade Matcha is combined with other ingredients, its distinctive flavor becomes overwhelmed and its essence is lost. Cooking Matcha is specifically produced to be able to withstand the cooking process and mixing with other ingredients while maintaining the distinctive Matcha flavor and color, and retaining all of the health benefits and antioxidant qualities of higher grades of Matcha tea.

Perfect for making Matcha ice creams and sorbets, adding to other beverages and using in complex recipes, Grade 6 Culinary Matcha is the perfect complement to any recipe.


Japanese Matcha powder
Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately **** MAKE MATCHA LATTE: - Add 1 tea spoon of matcha directly into the mug - Add 1/3cup boiling water to your mug filled with matcha and whisk until the matcha appears to be dissolved - Heat 2/3cup milk until steaming - Finally, pour the heated milk into your mug with the matcha and add sugar or honey to taste.